Human Performance Measurement, Inc. (HPM) offers the only broad line of instruments designed to measure performance capacities of different human subsystems using a common conceptual framework (General Systems Performance Theory and the Elemental Resource Model for human performance) across all measures. In addition, tools to measure selected aspects of body structure and human behavior are included in our product line.

We encourage potential users to become familiar with the concepts on which the instruments are based, as they are unique within the field and provide added-value that would not be otherwise possible.

• Basic Subsystem Level Performance Capacities
   • Sensory  • Motor  • Information Processing

• Intermediate Level System (Task) Performance Capacities
   • Gripping   • Twisting   • Visual-Auditory Info Proc Dexterity

• Higher-Level System (Task) Performance Capacities

• Body Structure and Behavioral Measurements

• Modular, Expandable PC-based Measurement System

• Single Windows™ Software Package for All Measures
   • Integrates Measurement Modules  • Consistent Reporting Format

• New Concepts, Techniques, and Technology

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